Eat, sleep & be merry

Observing Bailey the cat making himself at home on our bed after tucking into his breakfast this morning, I realised that our lives are starting to converge. Five chemo cycles in and my life is increasingly revolving around the three pillars of eating, sleeping and cycling (the last one obviously doesn’t apply to the cat, who reserves his energy for the most critical tasks, namely the twice daily ‘when are you going to feed me?’ dance).

On the eating front, I’ve been excelling myself lately. With the bowel tumour battered into submission, these days I seem to be able to eat much more both in terms of quantity and quality (no more tinned fruit and vegetables, hurrah!). Last night we were treated to a veritable banquet at David and Raewyn Hill’s. Spending my idle hours watching the Good Food channel and contemplating how nice it would be to concoct some of the impressive creations, it was a real treat to be presented with food of that calibre – twice baked souffles, asparagus, homemade bread, an amazing apple & avocado salad and Nigella’s quadruple chocolate cake, yum! (Sadly our oven is in such a state of disrepair that the temperature gauge has parted company with the dial, such that everything I put in there gets nuked. That’s my excuse anyway, the truth will out when the Hemmant brigade help us put the new kitchen in at the end of May!)

I probably deserve a gold star on the sleeping front too. I’d been advised that chemo no 5 onwards would be tough and certainly my energy levels are starting to take a hit. An hour nap and falling asleep on the sofa at 9 in the evening seems to be order of the day at the moment. Whilst it’s frustrating to have lost my ‘duracell bunny’ get-up-and-go, I have to keep reminding myself that I am after all electing to poison myself every 3 weeks and that the little body needs to have some time to take stock and attempt to replenish those red and white blood cells getting blasted along with the aliens. So off the bed, Bailey, it’s my turn!

And then there’s the cycling. My rides these days are shorter, flatter and a whole lot slower than they used to be (and tend to involve more cake than climbs) but when the weather is behaving itself, I’m still managing to get out and about on my bike a fair bit. It feels good to get the circulation going and to enjoy the breeze and the views (and sometimes even the sunshine!) as I pootle along. According to the Macmillan website (which incidentally is the most amazing information source for all things C-related) there are a whole host of positive benefits to staying active during cancer treatment and I certainly feel like I’m reaping them.

I like this photo because if you look at the shadows, you can see the hidden photographer, Sam, and myself silhouetted

This weekend we’re off to the Lake District for a week of biking, hiking and gorging on gingerbread and sticky toffee pudding. The waterproofs will no doubt be making an appearance as well.

Another cycle down, three more to go. Like me on my bike these days, I’m getting there, slowly but surely.



2 thoughts on “Eat, sleep & be merry

  1. Hiya,
    Read your latest – good on you for keeping going. I was trying to imagine Bailey developing calf muscles on your bike!
    Lots of love

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