“Put me back on my bike”

Yesterday something strange and rather exciting happened. For the first time in a long time I actually felt like I had an eensy weensy bit of power in my legs. There were of course many positive contributing factors: it was my week off the chemo drugs; the sun was shining; I was out with a great bunch of people on the Shutt Sunday ride; I’d taken the plunge and taken my best bike – the beautiful titanium Sabbath – off the garage wall and was riding it instead of my workhorse commuter bike. And boy, it felt good 🙂 I think I may even be starting to grow back those bionic leg muscles now I’m off those dreaded steroids as my lycra isn’t as baggy as it was (baggy lycra being trumped only by see-through lycra in terms of heinous clothing crimes against humanity).

The Shutt Sunday ride topped off a great week of spins – with of course the obligatory cake stops – in the sunshine. On Thursday I had the pleasure of an afternoon jaunt with Colin, complete with exciting new tearoom discovery, out to Woodstock. On Saturday Emily, Sam and I went for a delightful ride out towards Chipping Norton that not even an inconsiderate headwind (normally we get to battle the headwind on the way out, eat lots of cake and then get blown home but this time it had the audacity to blow the other way) could spoil. Three great rides, three great slabs of carrot cake and great company – what more could a girl ask for?

Other highlights of the week included catching up with my sisters, involving a tour of the House of Parliament and some yummy food – turns out the addiction to ice cream is genetic – and a cream tea with Gen and Roberta. With 3 slices of carrot cakes, 2 belgian buns and 2 scones & a heft dose of ice cream to my name this past week, I’m clearly getting into this junk food diet thing 😉

Tomorrow is chemo session 4, which means I’m halfway through. Thought I’m not exactly looking forward to having my arm pumped full of ‘good poison’ and all the weird and wonderful side-effects that go with that, it will be nice to bag that milestone. Onwards and upwards and bring on the summer.


2 thoughts on ““Put me back on my bike”

  1. I don’t think you should use the words “baggy lycra” and “trumped” in the same sentence, not very ladylike, just saying ;-}

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