Beating the odds and Bicycles

From today’s Metro: “1 in 10 bowel cancer victims dies within a month of being diagnosed, a new report reveals. Three in five only find out they have the illness once being admitted to hospital, while more than half are aged over 80.”

Reading this article brings a few thoughts to my mind. First of all, I’m glad I’m not that 1 in 10 – it’s a good couple of months since my diagnosis and I’m still fine and dandy 🙂

Secondly, I’m not at all surprised that so many bowel cancer victims only realise out what’s going on so late in the day. My own personal aliens did a very good ‘cloak and dagger’ job of keeping themselves under the radar. All those symptoms that are supposed to warn you of impending cancer doom, not a sausage! That’s the scariest thing about the disease – it can be virtually symptomless, letting you carry on happy as larry with no idea that this evil interloper is growing inside you.

But thirdly, and most importantly, I fee l incredibly lucky and grateful to have had a great GP, superhero Richard Baskerville, who jumped on my symptoms and moved heaven & earth to get me scanned and diagnosed before the alien had a chance to kick me into that 1 in 10 bucket.

And continuing the positive theme, this week it got warm 🙂 This is especially signficant for me because once the temperature tips past the magic 13 degrees or so, the pins & needles/ cramp in my face, hands and wrists caused by the chemo disappear. Which means getting out on my bike becomes a much more attractive possibility. So I did it in style, going for a fabulous ride to Chipping Norton with Richard Baskerville taking the wind for me and then treating me to cake on Tuesday (I told you he was a superhero!) and then more of the same on Thursday.

And then more of the same on the weekend. Sam’s mate Dave has been kind enough to lend us the keys to his flat in Bristol, where we spent a lovely weekend in the sunshine. We decided to hire bicycles so as to best explore the city and I somehow managed to squeeze (or should that be extruded) myself onto a men’s large hybrid (the only steed they had left in stock), taking care not to skewer myself on the crossbar everytime we came to a standstill.

This is a hire helmet, hence the boat-like aesthetics. But those of you familiar with just how many times I've managed to catapult myself onto my head whilst on a bike will appreciate that for me, an intact skull always wins over looking like a gimp.

Further highlights of the weekend included spending time with the wonderful Shutt guys at Bespoked Bristol, a lot of chilling out in cool Bristol cafés with Sam and doing a bit of Banksy spotting.

And so finished yet another wonderful week, with another one beginning. British summertime has officially begun and in just over a week I’ll be halfway through my chemo.

La vita e bella


3 thoughts on “Beating the odds and Bicycles

  1. Well, hopefully after the halfway point it’ll feel like it’s all downhill from there. Isn’t he weather amazing? I had a bike stolen yesterday (apparently bike thieves like the good weather too!) and even that could barely put a dent in my mood!

  2. Good to hear you enjoyed Chez Evans. Please pass onto the ginger that I surfed Noosa Heads yesterday (3 stars on Magic Seaweed). Absolutely beautiful location and beautiful day but every ****er and their dog was in the line up… xo

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