Something old and something new

This week was my week off the drugs.

Last weekend Sam and I went to Summertown’s ‘Unique Creations’ and went pottery painting. Not an activity we would probably have ever considered pre-diagnosis but it was really good fun! I settled fairly quickly on a vase as my ‘canvas’ as we’ve been blessed with so many lovely bunches of flowers lately and have ended up resorting to putting them in jugs, jars… anything we can find.

Sam, after a lot of protestations about how ‘at school he only ever drew stick men’, followed by a sustained period of procrastination/ research, settled on a butter dish, which he painted in beautiful striking Spanish colours. We spent 3 hours in there, perfecting our pieces and had an absolutely stonking time. Just goes to show how much fun you can have when you bite the bullet and give something new a punt.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing to tick along surprisingly well with the treatment. The good news is that even after just 1 round of chemo, the swelling is already starting to come down and my appetite is coming back. So much so that I’ve actually been able to stop taking the dreaded steroids (which were to ease those symptoms). This makes me very happy, firstly because the chemo is clearly doing something positive. Secondly because the 2am-7am night-owl episodes have stopped and thirdly because – as I discovered at my last consultant appointment – they are major muscle wasters. Now that would explain why my ‘cycling curves’, as I used to refer to them, have literally disappeared overnight. To quote Sam ‘my God, your calf muscles actually look quite normal now’.

Talking of cycling, with the sun shining today and a beautiful day stretching out before us, today Sam and I went out for a spin. For sure it was a lot slower – and involved a lot more cake – than my old style rides but it was so lovely to get back on my bike and in the fresh air and to feel so alive 🙂

I’ve had the most amazing time this week, making the most of the opportunity to get out and about. I’ve shared some lovely moments with friends and family, adding lots more positivity to the bank as I prepare to hit round 2 of chemo on Tuesday. Bring it on, this new life really ain’t so bad.



6 thoughts on “Something old and something new

  1. Wow – very impressive ! Let me know when you are next free for a coffee and chat – will happily mission out to the wilds of Tackley, and promise to leave the kids behind! H xxx

  2. Amazing! We went there for a PD fun day and also had a ‘stonking’ time … will add this word to my UK vocab list. Good luck tomorrow…

  3. We’re all behind you Nome, in fact it must be pretty crowded in a virtual sense.

    p.s. Just realised, we’ve got those salt & pepper pots too, awwwww sweet.

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